Australia Road Trip-Perth

Oh Perth! What a lovely city! 🎶 We landed into Perth at about 1030pm and were lucky enough to get picked up by our hostel. We checked in and the manager was lovely,  we stayed at a place called Spinners and we really enjoyed it there. Our first full night there, I was able to meet up with a friend from my days in Ireland who I hadnt seen in almost 8 years! Crazy! We ended up meeting at a Tiki Bar with a bunch of her other Irish friends and it was really nice to catch up with her! Thanks for the invite Lisa! Was so nice to see you again!! 💙💕

Perth has a few surrounding areas that are quite famous as well so our second day we walked around the area for breakfast and pretty much relaxed that day. That night we decided we wanted to check out an area outside of Perth called Fremantle. So the next day bright and early we picked up our rental car and headed off to Fremantle. Our first stop was at the Fremantle Prison. For me I have always enjoyed the history of prisons as I had stayed at the Napier Prison for almost 6 months last year. Fremantle is definitely bigger and is roughly the same age as the one in Napier. Walking through some of the areas, they have hundreds of artifacts on display as well as an art gallery and a machine where you can look up hundreds of inmates and see their history. Very cool. 

After, we decided to park in the middle of their downtown and wander where we found a Shipwreck Museum. They had about 10 old wooden and steal anchors outside and quite the extensive collection of coins, glassware, ceramics and even cannonballs.. pretty cool and it was all free! Since the entrance of the Dutch here in the west, there have been tons of shipwrecks off the coast and after excavations they have quite a collection. They even have a portion of a ship bottom and its massive! You stand next to it and your tiny compared to it. Was a really cool museum, highly recommend it 🙂

After we took a wander down the Explanade where there was a small fair going on with food, live music and a ferris wheel 🙂 It was a lovely afternoon so why not enjoy it? Got some great photos from the top out looking the bay so cant complain! 

On the way back we decided to take the long way around and detour through the famous Cottsloe Beach. The weather was starting to change but it was still quite a lovely drive. We stopped at a tea house with gorgeous views of the beach to warm up and then took a walk out to a small lookout spot. It was super windy but there were surfers and kite surfers braving the winds and whipping around.. crazies! 

Since we didnt really have a deadline on when we needed to bring the car back we decided to make a final stop to the famous Kings Park which overlooks the city of Perth. We did the walk through one of the boardwalk and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. Perth really is quite nice! 

For our last day in the Perth area, we decided to hit up the famous Rottnest Island which is famous for its Quokkas! For those of you who dont know what they are, its like a cute little beaver/squirrel/rat like animal and they are famous for being quite friendly and smiley 🙂 To get to the island, we had to take a boat and with the stormy weather the day before the boat was a littttttle but choppy.. but we arrived and started exploring the island. The island itself is only 22kms there and back so its pretty small. We took a bus and started getting and got off at our first stop called Parkers Point where we saw our first sighting of Quokkas! They really do enjoy being around humans but if people touch them when they are too young then they could be abandoned so gotta be careful. This lookout spot was gorgeous with views of the coral and the different shades of blue.. seriously the pictures do not do it justice! The Parker Point Sanctuary inlet is one of the most enjoyable spots of the islands, as we wandered the area we came across Jeannies Lookout and eventually to Salmon Bay 🙂 seriously. So gorgeous here!

Next we made our way to one of the two lighthouses on the island. The original one that was on the island was built by slaves and convicts and worked for a while but soon wasn’t very effective and after several shipwrecks in the late 1800’s, they built this one which was double the height and with a much brighter bulb. This lighthouse is still in really good condition and became automated in 1990, before then they still had a lighthouse keeper. 

Next up we made our way to West End on the far side of the island. Here we saw seals lazing around in the ocean and I think I may have seen a whale.. but who knows, they are hard to spot when they are breaching, could have just been another white cap crashing haha. The West End is another beautiful spot on the island with inlets and coves, so many shades of blue and a fairly large hole in a rock type blow hole. Another gorgeous spot on the island 🙂

Since we only had til about 4pm to explore the island we headed back to the main entrance to the island for a quick bite to eat and to explore the East End and to see more Quokkas! Here is where the main town part is on the island so the Quokkas are quite used to humans so they roam pretty freely here, so again we tried to get a Quokkas selfie and were pretty successful 🙂 on the way back to Perth we even saw some humpback whales jumping in the water!

We really had an amazing time in Perth and had great weather, little bit of a weather change from Cairns and the East Coast but Im pretty okay with it! Highly recommend heading to Rottnest Island.. its definitely worth the trip! 

Next up is Adelaide! 


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